۲۴ خرداد ,۱۴۰۳



۲۴ خرداد ,۱۴۰۳

۲۴ خرداد ,۱۴۰۳


Contacts and membership conditions

  1. Membership in the land sector: in this case, a plot of land is assigned to the qualified technology and science company to design
    the building, to construct and operate it and establish it in the park.

    Technological and knowledge-based companies that have a relatively long history of economic activity in the field of superior technologies and have specialized laboratories and workshops and appropriate expert staff and have the possibility of developing activities and employment to a good extent, are recognized as eligible for the general conditions of this sector. The area of land that can be assigned is at least 500 and at most 2000 square meters, and it is possible to consolidate if more area is needed.

  2. Membership in rental units: Knowledge-based companies that have started economic activity but have limited activity and financial capacity and do not need an independent building or apartment and have the possibility to pay the rent can settle in these units.
    The leased spaces of the park include the headquarters building or a part of the space of land sector companies. In the headquarters building, the size of the units is between 20 and 110 square meters.
  3. Membership in the Growth Center: People with ideas and graduates can settle in the Park Growth Center after submitting an application and evaluation. It is necessary to mention that currently the Park Growth Center has not officially started its activity and will be put into operation in the future.


  • Knowledge-based and technological companies
  • Research and development units of manufacturing and industrial companies
  • Educational, research and technology centers
  • Owners of innovative and technological ideas and designs
  • Institutions and companies providing commercialization services
  • Investment companies related to technology
  • Units providing public services

Accepted technology areas

  • nano
  • bio
  • Medical Equipment
  • Medical Equipment
  • air and Space
  • ICT

Admission procedures in the park

Membership in the recruitment and acceptance system and entering basic information

Coordinating the introduction meeting and visiting the park

Completing the membership worksheets in the system and paying the evaluation fee

Holding a visit and evaluation meeting of the applicant company

Examining and evaluating participation in the Recruitment and Admission Council

Announcing the results of the recruitment and admission committee to the applicant company