۲۹ اردیبهشت ,۱۴۰۳



۲۹ اردیبهشت ,۱۴۰۳

۲۹ اردیبهشت ,۱۴۰۳


Iranian Science and Technology Park

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Overhaul and commissioning of MAN THM 1304 gas turbine for the first time in Iran

Ario Energy vanda Engineering Company succeeded in renovating and operating MAN THM1304-11 gas turbine in Iran for the first time. It is worth mentioning that all the parts used for the overhaul of this turbine (more than 500 parts) were also made by this company. This company was able to deliver the project less than the expected time of the contract, after installing the turbine in the Arak gas pressure boosting station, its commissioning tests were also successfully completed and the turbine was put into operation. Doing this work in Iran has prevented the outflow of foreign currency by about 3 million dollars, which in future plans can lead to foreign exchange in neighboring countries by doing this work.

Among the strategic products used in this turbine, we can mention the turbine fuel control valve, which is considered the heart of the turbine and prevents the turbine from starting in case of the slightest error, which is also for It was built and operated for the first time in Iran by this company.

Other strategic products of this turbine, which have been built and operated for the first time in Iran, can be referred to as Heliflex hot zone seals, compressor sector seals, and HP output thermocouple of this turbine.

Also, other strategic parts of this turbine, which have not yet been made in Iran, such as the solar gearbox and the fuel injection nozzle of this turbine, are also among the future products of this company, which are currently under construction.

The CEO of the Technology Research Fund of Tehran University visited Iranian Science and Technology Park

Mr. Dr. Faridound, the CEO of Tehran University Technology Research Fund, visited Iranian Science and Technology Park.

In this visit, which was held on 08/07/1402, several senior managers of Tehran University Fund were present in this meeting.

This meeting took place on the sidelines of visiting the property lands of Science and Technology Park and Sijari units, both sides reviewed and presented a report on the design process and planning of the construction of the Technology Research Fund building located in the Iranian Science and Technology Park.

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Iranian Science and Technology Park was established as the largest technology park in the country in 2015. So far, more than 20 technological and knowledge-based units in the fields of advanced technologies such as information and communication technology, biotechnology, nanotechnology, new materials, mechanics and automation, etc. have been accepted as members. Innovation, knowledge, entrepreneurship, etc. are different parts of the development phases of the Iranian Science and Technology Park, which will form the “Iranian Science and Technology District”.




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