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۲۳ خرداد ,۱۴۰۳



Infrastructural facilities and facilities

Iranian Science and Technology Park, in order to provide all the things needed by technology companies to carry out their activities as best as possible, and also in order to realize the creation of a dynamic city, has provided the necessary and necessary infrastructure up to the border of each piece of land for technology companies, which explained They are as follows:

Electricity supply is known as one of the most basic infrastructures required by most technology companies, therefore, the Iranian Science and Technology Park has been able to obtain the necessary agreements to allocate more than 15 megawatts of electrical energy from the Iranian territory, and until now , it has been operating in the first phase. 2 power transformers have been installed and commissioned in phase 1 of the park, which meets the current needs of companies.
According to the upstream plan and planned for the city, the water supply in the town of Sarmeen Iraniyan is planned for the supply of sanitary and consumption water, which according to the terminated contract, this water supply will be permanently provided from Tehran’s Mohammadieh Canal with a capacity of 10 million cubic meters per year. will be provided. Also, in the initial phases of the project, in order to temporarily supply water, the permission to build and operate three wells named Rahmat Abad, Golf Zarandieh, and Zarkhak wells was put on the agenda, and until now, they have met the needs of the town and the park.
The sewage collection network and transmission line of the park with a length of approximately 5 kilometers has been implemented and operated in the park, and it has been decided to be connected to the local and dedicated septic system considered for the park in the first phase of operation. This transmission network is made of PVC pipe with a size of 200 mm
Provision of telephone and internet infrastructure for Fanawar Park companies with optical fiber line implemented in Iranian territory with a capacity of 72 cores is expected, which can meet the needs of specialized companies in the field of information technology that require high capacity and high speed internet.
According to the license obtained from the Iranian land settlement, it is possible to supply 50 thousand cubic meters of gas per hour for the entire settlement, which will be transferred to the gas pipelines inside the park through two gas pressure reduction stations and up to the border of all the parts of the transmission technology companies.

امکانات زیر ساختی و تاسیساتی

پارک علم و فناوری ایرانیان با پشتیبانی سرزمین ایرانیان توانسته است زیر ساخت های بسیار مناسب فنی را برای شرکت های عضو تأمین نماید. در همین راستا پارک علم و فناوری ایرانیان توانسته است توافقات لازم را برای اختصاص بیش از 15 مگاوات انرژی برق از سرزمین ایرانیان کسب نماید.


پارک علم و فناوری ایرانیان با رای زنی ها و جلسات متعدد تخصصی و مشاوره فنی پیش بینی لازم برای تأمین آب مورد نیاز صنایعی همچون صنایع داروسازی، فناوری های زیستی و نانو فناوری قادر است تا نیاز این فناوری ها و به تبع ان دیگر صنایع و شرکت های مستقر در این پارک علم و فناوری را تأمین نماید.

Urban and regional facilities

For professionals and personnel working in the Iranian Science and Technology Park, there are several options for staying in the residential areas around the park. The city of Parand and the advanced accommodation facilities of the Iranian land, with a very short distance from the park and having suitable accommodation facilities and suitable weather conditions, are currently welcoming a part of this population. The existence of the new city of Parand as one of the main centers for the creation of Mehr housing and the construction and delivery of a large number of these units to the applicants in recent years has provided the opportunity to provide cheap housing for a part of this population. Also, various residential villages designed in different themes in the land of Iranians have provided the possibility of housing company employees at a very close distance (less than one kilometer).
On the other hand, the existence of three suitable access roads to Tehran and the distance of 35 kilometers from the park to the beginning of Tehran city, has suggested staying in the west, south and southwest of Tehran as another suitable option for those working in the park.

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